Welcome to Technosight

We are a Polish manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment for the retail food store industry, confectionery-bakery industry and gastronomy.We have been present on the market for over thirty years, investing in the latest technologies and human capital.

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of distribution channels in Europe and in other continents.

Mission and strategy

We know how important customer satisfaction is for the functioning of a company. That’s why we decided to support our mission of “Supporting the success of our clients” on the satisfaction of our equipment users. Our mission is aided by our strategy, which assumes further strengthening of our position as the leading manufacturer of refrigeration equipment through the expansion of distribution channels in Europe and in other continents.

Quality Policy

We implement our Quality Policy every day. We have successfully introduced, and are constantly improving, a quality system based on ISO 9001. Our products are designed to meet all safety and functionality requirements, are easy to use, have the highest durability and attractive appearance. We strive to meet the expectations of even the most discerning customers.

We do everything possible to ensure that our products:

  • meet all applicable norms and requirements for safety and functionality
  • are intuitive and simple to use
  • offer the greatest possible durability and aesthetic quality

We work for the good of our clients by:

  • implementing modern technological solutions
  • constantly improving our products
  • systematically raising our employees’ qualifications
  • producing energy-efficient devices adapted to the specific needs of particular industries
  • ensuring professional service